• Digital Pressure Control


    Blue Tooth Connection

    • • DPC-10-BT blue tooth connection and control by mobile phone within distance

    • • All time status display and LCD backlit for anytime view

    • • Clearly indicating 3-color LED light for reporting Status

    • • Protection limiting maximum starts per hour, protecting the pump from high frequent cycling per hour

    • • Lock screen function to prevent non-user modifying parameter settings

    • • Protection adjustable restart delay 0~90 minutes, controlling the pump cycle rate

    • • Delayed Shutdown function - Prevention of overloading of maximum start

    • • Auto-restart in event of water shortage and resupply pressure when water source is available

    • • Resource-protection: Auto-shutdown in the event the maximum run time is exceeded:

    • great for protecting against burst water pipe

    • • Fast response to accuracy and setting

    • • Anti-vibration, anti-jamming ability

    • • Easy to connect the wires and install

    • • Reset IC installed – permanent memory of setting – will not lose setting even loss of power

    • • Able to work with three phase pumps with a contactor with required voltage to Digital Pressure Controller

    • • Domestic 

    • • Civil

    • • Agricultural

    • • Industrial


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