Evak’s manufacturing happens in Taiwan. As a result we are able to provide complete solutions at competitive prices and outstanding quality, in line with our high quality, high value strategy.

    Furthermore, Evak applies “dam management” by ensuring that it has dedicated resources ready to deal with any crisis, at any time. In addition, Evak partners share a big part of the pump market worldwide, which includes developing and distributing products to many large international brands.

    Being a one-stop shop, Evak distributes a wide range of pumps with a particular focus on sewage pumps, dewatering pumps and some unique IOT accessories such as the smart digital control DPC that allows online remote monitoring and control of pumps.


    Evak’s proven success has been achieved mainly thanks to its ability to supply a one-stop shop solution for all services and requirements, including maintenance and spare parts. Evak’s total solution, however, is not only limited to safe and efficient delivery, logistics and product assurance. It goes beyond this. In fact Evak is recognized for its ability to provide outstanding levels of customer care as well as local support from its efficient and experienced dealer network. The company prides itself in being able to offer detailed and tailored solutions to clients of all sizes and experience.


    What makes Evak unique is its branding support. Partners around the world can now have access to the Evak brand, which is consistent in quality, innovation and design. Coupled with strong brand promotional support to counter the market’s needs for price competitiveness. Evak dealers can now have access to all the brand promotional material that Evak produces. This considerably reduces marketing and promotion costs. Evak’s commitment to its partners is second to none. By allowing access to its marketing material, Evak empowers its partners and clients to respond quickly and effectively to market needs. This kind of support and flexibility is what Evak prides itself on.

    Certification and Quality Policy

    Evak committed in long-term promotion of comprehensive quality control, adhering to pursuit of spirit of ultimate and to ensure overall satisfaction from customers and passionate devotion towards its partner

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